Zoncn’s low-voltage inverter was successfully used in the punch machine project

The selection of punching machine inverter is generally based on the motor power and punching tonnage. In order to prevent the generation of instantaneous downward current during the production process, it is recommended to use it in a geared manner.


According to the customer's needs, the Z5400 series punch special frequency converter can be selected.


For example: if the motor specification is 380V/7.5KW, the inverter Z5400A0011K-8-BF-V can be selected.


Performance characteristics of Z5400 series punch special frequency converter:

◆The hardware is specially designed to withstand earthquakes.

◆The wiring protective cover is waterproof.

◆The overload capacity is greatly improved to meet the instantaneous current impact when pressing down during punch processing.

◆The protection level is IP65, with waterproof and dustproof performance.

◆When the air cushion pops up, the frequency converter has a unique voltage feedback suppression function.

◆Standard MODBUS communication protocol can be controlled by the host computer.

◆True current vector control technology, perfect low-frequency torque.