Zhongchen frequency converter is used in two-stage compressors

The working principle of two-stage compression air compressor.

Bipolar compression screw air compressor - the machine head is composed of two pairs of yin and yang rotors. After the gas is compressed in the first stage, it enters the second stage of compression. The compression ratio is high, and the power is one gear lower than that of the compressed air compressor.


Technical characteristics.

The exhaust volume is large, the exhaust is uniform, the air flow is pulse-free, and it is easy to realize automation and large-scale. It has few wearing parts, less maintenance, and a long operating cycle, allowing the inverter to play a role in safety, energy saving, and speed regulation.


Frequency converter selection.

The frequency converter selection is generally consistent with the motor power, but it is a heavy load. For example: the motor specification is 380V/37KW, the inverter Z2400T-18.5KY can be selected, two inverters, the main board requires a small terminal port.

Note: The inverter communication station number must correspond to the controller station number.